tl;dr: We at Gerris are in the ring with you. With our online reputation management and online perception marketing services, we’re in your corner.
Putin will go to the mat, whatever that looks like.
Why do most American gun owners own so many guns? Why not just one pistol, maybe for home defense; or, just one bolt-action rifle for hunting? Or a…
I guess abject hopelessness and the limits of human nature and trust can be a laugh riot.
My dad's advice was "if you don't need to run, walk; if you don't need to walk, stand; if you don't need to stand, sit; if you don't need to sit, lie…
Both my cardiologists and my GP signed off on me right before I got Middle Aged Dude Lower Back Pain. I am recovered and getting psyched and prepped for…
PUL3E is a women-led, charity focused NFT project which was founded by Emilie after her partner Andrew was diagnosed with Heart Failure earlier this…
tl;dr: my intermittent fasting golden ticket is a one-meal-a-day framework that doesn’t chase calories or macros. My daily calories could be anywhere…
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