My next attempt at an Eye of the Tiger Summer

Just do it might be the most important bit of advice that anyone has given anybody. Thanks, Nike. It turns out that letting a charging watch, a misplaced logbook, piece of tech, or GPS is the best way to get in your own way, fitness- and health-wise.

I always assumed he just "picked them up;" however, after knowing him since he and I were both 18, I know for a fact that he works extremely hard at not only learning them but also becoming fluent to the point of adopting regional and local dialects. For example, being able to speak deep urban Berliner or Hochdeutch. On the call, he told me, "I learn languages overnight the way skinny people lose weight overnight."

I was also inspired by YouTube celebrity Michelle Khare as she records all of her I Trained Like series of videos. I keep on forgetting how much your very own clay can be molded in such a short while; also, imaging how much change one can make with a more longer-term, incremental, training pursued with purpose and everydayness.

I learned that this is a real, concrete, and humbling way this AM.

Instead of making sure I could find my log and get all funny about counting swings and jotting them down onto a pad or into an app, I just started swinging my kettlebells before my morning shower.


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