The only reason to go offworld is for sick remittance money

Getting a job offworld will be analogous to getting a job on an oil drilling platform.

You only ever do anything like that for either the money, for remittance for your family, or for science.

Colonize other worlds? Spread humanity into the stars? Living anywhere else besides another earth will suck as much as living in a submarine.

Ever meet a submariner? They're a different species. At best, like living in a antarctic research center.

Ever seen their stircrazy? How badly they want to return stateside? Or to Argentina or Australia?

Or, ever meet a Seaman or Sailor stuck on a warship for months and months.

That's what offworlding will be like. Only deplorables will be sent to space. It'll be like when your parents tell you your old dog lives upstate on a nice farm. "We sent them to a better place with such better opportunities," will be code for either depopulation or duplicitous deportation.